Engineered Wood Fiber Service Area

engineered wood fiberEngineered wood fiberĀ is available here for delivery to your premises anywhere in the continental USA. Through our extensive network of dealers, we supply bulk quantities of engineered wood fiber to your organization at a price and a schedule suited to your professional needs. Our customers include schools, daycares, school districts, and parks and recreation departments.

Service Area States for Fiber Delivery

We deliver bulk quantities of engineered wood fiber nationwide to the contiguous 48 states. From the Maine chill to the Malibu sunshine, we have got playgrounds and play areas covered.

Method of Fiber Delivery

Our fiber is usually delivered by motor freight in large vehicles that can hold up to 100 cubic yards. (For deliveries of more than 100 yards, we send multiple vehicles.)

The delivery process works as follows: an 18-wheel vehicle with a live bottom trailer (also known as a “motion bed”) will arrive at your premises. The driver maneuvers the vehicle to the location where you need to fiber deposited, opens the back door, and powers up the motion bed. The conveyors inside it move the fiber from inside the vehicle out the back door and onto the ground, in a large pile.

Please note that live bottom trailers can only be driven onto areas with hard surfaces like asphalt or blacktop, typical of parking lots or storage depots. We do not install fiber on your playground in most states because delivery vehicles cannot be driven onto grass, dirt, or mulch surfaces. Our company only installs engineered wood fiber on actual playgrounds and play areas in Maryland, Washington, DC, and Virginia.

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