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engineered wood fiberEngineered Wood Fiber is a versatile organic play surfacing that is perfect for playground use. Through our nationwide network of dealers, we can ship bulk quantities of engineered wood fiber to your premises in loads of 70 cubic yards or more.

We do more than sell engineered wood fiber, though. Unlike many companies and websites online, our company has handled and installed wood fiber for decades. We’ve shoveled it, shipped it, and packed it down in playgrounds across several states, so we know the product and its installation procedures very well.

Our parent company is MD Materials Playgrounds, a leading seller and installer of playground materials and commercial playground equipment and parts.

Engineered Wood Fiber Shipping Policy

We deliver engineered wood fiber in loads of 100 cubic yards. In some situations, we can bring loads as small as 60 cubic yards. The wood fiber is transported in tractor trailers with live bottom beds. Our drivers deposit the engineered wood fiber in a large pile on your premises, for you to distribute on the ground (unfortunately, we cannot spread the engineered wood fiber for you except in Maryland, Washington, DC, and Virginia). For schools and daycares, if you don’t have access to a grounds crew, you might consider having a parents’ day to help put the fiber down on your play area. You’ll need plenty of large shovels and wheelbarrows! It takes longer than it looks to transport a large pile of fiber.

Engineered Wood Fiber Pricing

The price of our fiber varies from region to region, depending on the distance to your premises from our closest distribution center. For an accurate estimate, just phone us toll free at (877) 840-0707.

Contact Us About Engineered Wood Fiber

If you have any questions about our wood fiber, just phone us toll free at (877) 840-0707 from outside the MD – DC – VA area, or (301) 840-0707 local. Or send an e-mail to us at”mdmail[at]mdmaterials.com”.


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